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Ascione Coralli Napoli

The Ascione family manufactures finest jewelry made of corals for generations. Besides, the legendary Milanese jeweler "Villa" resident at Via Manzoni, we carry some exquisite cufflinks made of finest coral.

The product range of these precious items include elements of real sea shells, which are refined with a touch of sterling silver - entirely manufactured by hand of course. 

Personal contact with his friend Simone Finamore made it possible for Michael Jondral to meet the Ascione family.
Since then it is Haberdasher Michael Jondral's great pleasure to be able to offer the handmade unique pieces in Hanover, as well as in the sartorial online store.

Coral Cufflinks

If you count yourself among the connoisseurs who appreciate handcrafted cufflinks more than the use of precious metals or even gems, then you should take a look at the coral cufflinks by Ascione.

Models such as "Small Octopus" are processed with real coral and finished with sterling silver. That is how great treasures are exclusively created for Michael Jondral. All pieces are manufactured by hand in the Neapolitan workshop of the family Ascione.

The manufactory uses various symbols such as the octopus, emphasizing the love of the Gulf of Naples, with its sea and the island of Capri with coral-covered caves. Is there more "La Dolce Vita"?

Those interested in the topic of coral jewelry, Giuseppe Ascione operates a museum with a permanent exhibition of historical coral jewelry in the Neapolitan Galleria Umberto. Worth seeing! -  said by Michael Jondral. 

Lapel Chain 

Some gentlemen who are enthusiastic about the world of sartorial male wardrobe, such as Alan See of The Armoury Hong Kong, describes a  "Lapel chain" as an indispensable accessory.

That is why also the haberdasher Michael Jondral offers this brilliant accessory exclusively in his online shop.

Of course, the lapel chain is made of real coral and well refined with sterling silver. It is worn through the buttonhole on the lapel, ranging from the "little button" to the breast pocket.

Even with this piece, Fortuna plays an important role: the lapel chain is enriched with the Neapolitan lucky sign "Corno" and  "elephant".

If you like, you can use the lapel chain not only as a personal good luck charm, but of course also combine it as a real eye-catcher to a Made To Measure Cesare Attollini  suit. By the way, all lapel chains are manufactured exclusively for Michael Jondral in the factory in Italy.