Pocket squares

Pocket squares

Pocket Squares for the Gentleman

There is hardly any other major accessory for the modern men, as the infamous pocket square. A matching pocket square is not only THE style building accessory par excellence, but rather an expression of personal taste and philosophy of life.

The exclusive haberdasher Michael Jondral offers pocket squares by major manufacturers such as:

  • Drakes
  • Rubinacci
  • Cesare Attolini
  • Simmonnot Godard

Fortunately, in this day and age pocket squares long established themselves as elegant accessories for the superior men wardrobe. Times where the breast decorators were made of white linen and were worn as a square kerchief in the breast pocket are long gone.

The breast pocket of the modern gentleman rather calls for a large (and colorful) variation. It ranges from paisley patterns on pure silk, to geometric Art Deco embellishments on any wool / silk blends. The colorful diversity is finally crowned by brands such as Rubinacci who recently made a name through the placing of historic Italian designs, or even the mapping of Samurai.

Folding Square Pockets

What stops with the choice of personal square pockets, goes on with the proper folding.

Hence there are some common folding techniques to be observed correctly. Proper folding techniques may be confidently compared with the binding of a tie knot. Each tie knot finally plays a role in the overall picture of your appearance. The folding of a square pocket is similar to that. Colorful patterned squares ask for other techniques than snow-white pieces.

Nevertheless, the personal preferences play a significant role sometimes. Therefore, you decide!

Puff Pocket Square Fold

Generally, as a sophisticated gentleman you can choose the so called puff fold at all times. This represents one of the most elegant and most unpretentious folding possibilities. One could almost say that the puff folding would be a "Sprezzatura" of the foldings, because it gives the right amount of nonchalance.

It is no surprise to us that Fred Astaire counts to one of the founders of this folding technique. He was even famous for choosing this particular folding technique for almost any occasion - even with a tuxedo!

This way of folding, works equally with silk pocket squares, as well as with wool & cotton squares. The motto is: the more robust the starting material, the more volume you can reach with the "puff". So the pocket square is given the necessary presence that it deserves.

The easiest way to fold puff folding is to gather the pocket square with the thumb and forefinger in the middle and pull it towards the top together. Then you just fold it together and do not forget the obligatory puffing. Done!

Although the pocket square seems like it is simply inserted into the pocket, it conveys elegance and style. If you prefer this way of folding, it is advisable to choose colorful and contrasty fabrics. These shine especially and allow you to enhance any outfit with the necessary color contrast from the dark blue business suit, to the coarse tweed sports jacket.

The American Folding | Flat Fold

With the American folding you get equally a classic folding and a simple and elegant way of folding your pocket square. This technique is most popular with businessmen worldwide. This of course includes Mad Men's Don Draper, embodying a perfect example of the American way.

To execute the American fold, you must simply fold your pocket square 2 times and you can complete your professional business look.
The effect has always been professional and in our opinion it is exactly the context it belongs in - we think it is a perfect folding for a white pocket square to match a dark blue suit. Incidentally, this is also one of the reasons why our favorite accessory is called "Pocket Square".

Three Point Pocket Square Fold

Finally, we present the most festive way and manner to fold the pocket square. Here you can arrange the squared ends of the pocket square to a three-pointed crown. The folding is particularly suitable for the evening's wardrobe because it shows a lot of masculine elegance.

To accomplish the fold, place the pocket square diagonally down, then fold it off-center with both ends. This creates two peaks. You can then hit the left angle diagonally upward, giving you another third peak at the top.