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McGeorge of Scotland

What could be better than experiencing the spirit of a small and authentic family business manifested in a sartorial product?

Gentlemen like Steve McQueen or haberdasher Michael Jondral had, or have the honest opinion that it cannot be much better!
Clearly we are talking about one of the last independent Scottish knitting factories, which is known as McGeorge of Scotland.
Discover the manifestation of Scottish knitwear thank to this heritage brand. It is knitted on so-called "Wooden Looms", which give each yarn an especially voluminous grip and include the durability secret of Scottish knitwear.
Because of this durability secret, these wonderful Scottish knitwear pieces have a slightly firmer grip in the beginning, but become increasingly softer by wearing and subsequent washing.

Scottish Sweaters

As described by the family, the eccentric James McGeorge founded the company in 1881. Since then, the Scottish pullover manufactory has not lost touch of its original identity. It is this specific image that McGeorge of Scotland flirts with.

J.C. McGeorge, who is without a doubt the name giver of this traditional company, was well aware of its origin and the thus connected family tradition, however, had its own well-defined identity, which he put into the knitwear products.
Dealing with his own eccentricities, was also the reason that the young manufactory was quite successful in 1885 with the production of knitted gloves.
It was due to the stubbornness of J.C. McGeorge that the manufactory was successful. Because the gentleman made the unimaginable possible by allowing women to use the "Wooden Looms" - these were so easy to use that also women could handle it. It resulted in families having two sources of income.
To this day, McGeorge is not the only success story of Scotland - the heart of handmade textiles. Scottish knitwear are still the epitome of luxury weaving! Also our main partner Fedeli buys his cashmere yarns in Scotland.

Hollywood Clothing

In the 1920, McGeorge of Scotland succeeded in expanding into the big wide world. It was the heyday of other knitting manufacturers from all over Scotland. Among the big names are Pringle of Scotland, Barrie or Braemer. All of them appeared just in this time period on the global market.

Classic models such as the Fisherman Cable Knit Sweater was worn by international Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly in cities such as Monte Carlo.
No other than Jean Seberg hid her innocent and coquettish way of being in an oversized piece of knitwear in the masterpiece "Breathless" together with Jean Paul Belmondo - of course made by none other than knitwear producer McGeorge of Scotland.
And if we are already taking about cool men, we should of course mention Mr. King of Cool Steve McQueen himself, who was photographed with the famous Shawl Cadigan by McGeroge.
The Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly or Steve McQueen do not carry any kind of nameless brands, should be obvious. Let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful products from the Scottish Highland.
With the knitwear from McGeorge you defy any cold and rainy weather  - because who knows it better than the Scots themselves?
Whether with Chukka Boots by Carmina and with a pair of Rota chinos, or a flannel shirt by Finamore or pair of a suit pants for a casual Friday in the office - with the Capsule Collection, which was tailored specially for Michael Jondral, you are always well dressed ,