Rota Trousers

Since 1962 the Rotas produce perfectly fitted trousers and chinos made of the best materials and they're now in their third generation. 

The small production in Fidenza near Parma sews only in their family manufactory, inspired by the tradition of sartorial manufactories. It is not for nothing that the company points towards their sartorial tradition.

Together with Rota, Michael Jondral has developed a model which combines the tradition and processing with a modern cut. In Germany, only offered exclusively at our shop. 

Searching for a fabulous fit? That is exactly what Rota and Michael Jondral offer with these models, manufactured in a small factory.

Luxury Trousers

A gentleman who decides on a Rota luxury pants, is not interested in fashion clichés and trends.

It is rather about the appreciation of an above-average sartorial product, which is made of fine fabrics. The Rota collections are made for those who appreciate the feeling of wearing a luxury pants by taking care of their needs.
You can consciously rely on exclusive style and the very best materials. Whatever final material you decide on, you will always be well dressed.
You can select from the best cotton, cashmere, flannel and velvet yarns. Each Rota luxury pants offers quality and the maintenance of tradition and origin, but with a modern twist.
All this is possible thanks to the skill and art of Italian sartorial tailoring. The utmost care for details and looking for exclusivity makes every garment, whether it is by Cesare AttoliniDrake's  or Rubinacci, a masterpiece.

Designer Chinos

The manufacturer Rota is not a common acquaintance for most gentleman outside Italy when it comes to trousers, as the manufacturers does not do much for marketing or advertising. But that is a good thing, says Michael Jondral.

It is an insider's tip, as Rota trousers are worn by true connoisseurs, such as Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, chairman of Ferrari, who is often seen wearing a pair of Rota trousers.
The Italian gentlemen swear by the cut and the quality of the trousers, made in Italy.
Each pair of trousers is therefore produced in the company's own workshop in Fidenza under the supervision of both Rota brothers. The production methods have absolutely not changed since the company was founded.
Experienced tailors carefully cut and sew the trousers and by carefully pressing them, the desired luxury shape is created.
The described high-quality materials help to maintain the shape of the trousers over time.