Cesare Attolini

Cesare Attolini

Cesare Attolini Suits

Founded in 1930 in Napoli, Cesare Attolini is without a doubt one of best things the Neapolitan art of tailoring can offer in terms of suits & jacket. The grandchildren of Vincenzo Attolini, inventor of the Giacca Mappina, are admired by the whole world of tailoring for their models of soft shoulders, high armholes and incredible comfort.

Especially the high armhole and the flattering silhouette characterize the unique pieces of Italian tailoring. A suit is not just a suit and a blazer is not just a blazer!

The freedom of movement and the "fit" are groundbreaking - says Michael Jondral and happy customers about Cesare Attolini. No other suit or blazer is closer to a "second skin"!

Among the most famous clients were the great Italian actors Marcello Mastroianni and Oscar de Sica, but also the American actor Clark Gable, whose dedication still hangs in the office of Cesare Attolini. 

Today, the grandchildren Massimiliano and Giuseppe run the manufactory, continuing the tradition of Neapolitan tailoring and are proud to produce products with the highest quality. The quality of their suits and jackets still has not changed a bit.

That is how many movie stars were won and Attolini was the outfitter for the Academy Award-winning film Decorator "La Grande Bellezza" last year. Now Attolini provides clothing for the great Michael Caine as a leading actor in the already award winning new film "Youth" by Paolo Sorrentino. 

You only get more of the Hollywood feeling at Domenico Vacca or Kiton in Los Angeles - but that is a different story and primarily affects a different sort of Hollywood.

The Attolini Suit & Blazer

The passion and craftsmanship shines in each individual product of the manufactory. No pieces are done by halves. The level of craftsmanship is unmatched for a sartorial product from Italy and may pit against the French propensity to perfection, as with Cifonelli for example.

Karl Lagerfeld's quote that he recognizes a Cifonelli shoulder 300m upwind may be safely adapted to the silhouette of a Cesare Attolini suit and the Cesare Attolini blazer. It simply is a perfect balance between a classic "spalla camicia" and the "con rollino" shoulder that accentuates the body of each gentleman wearing the suit or blazer.

The Attolini suits, coats & blazers are a perfect blend of waisted & figure-hugging cut, as well as a perfect and light fit. Also, the shoulders present a perfect balance between a hugging silhouette and an unmatched lightness - the suit or jacket can be folded up to 10 times! Unimaginable with a conventional product.

Everything that the founder Vincenzo Attolini introduced has remained until today. Get rid of the shoulder pads, away with superfluous lining and away with the redundant material - that is how an essential product, which cannot be exceeded in terms of "softness" and lightness, is manufactured. 

Because of Jondrals passion for the product, a personal friendship with the family Attolini developed: "I am proud to be able to have the probably best tailoring product in the world to sell in my shop and to have made a variety of clients to become friends of the Attolini family" says Michael Jondral.

Attolini Ties & Shirts

Cesare Attolini proves that a committed and established business does not have to rest on the laurels of the past. That is why additional items are continuously added to the collection. Now you can not only find true italian suits or blazers as an expression of the history of neapolitan tailoring, but also luxury shirts, vintage ties, jeans and sport shirts made of fine pima cotton.

These garments are key elements for the modern gentleman and are a perfect addition to every business wardrobe. The shirts & ties can be wonderfully combined with a dark pair of Rota Chinos and a pair of wonderful Saint Crispin's shoes. 

Nevertheless special attention should be drawn to the sartorial shirts and ties, that really stand out. They are another remarkable sign for the sartorial nonchalance and high quality tailoring of this unique brand.

As with the suits & blazers the main focus of Cesare Attolini shirts and ties lies on the quality of the fabrics. Especially with the ties the attention is drawn to vintage inspired fabrics that stand out with their texture and their haptic. 

The sartorial atelier create complete handmade shirts, that not only fit like a second skin but also feel this way.  The same 130 tailors that use only thread, needles and their hands produce up to 15 jackets and suits a day, also produce those wonderful ties & shirts. With Attolini there simply is no substitute for quality and therefore there is no outsourcing for the sartorial garments. 

Besides all those unique features of the brand the most fascinating fact remains that Attolini combines artisan and highly skilled tailoring with the management and organization of a big fashion brand, thus keeping the magnificent artisanal work in place.