Thomas Riemer Vienna

Thomas Riemer Vienna

Thomas Riemer Gloves

The credo of Thomas Riemer is: "A glove deserves to be celebrated". Not only this sentence convinced haberdasher Michael Jondral, but rather the high quality standards associated with the glove craftsmanship. This is how the handmade gloves by Thomas Riemer Vienna convince the gentlemen and connoisseurs worldwide!

The elegant men's gloves are handcrafted only from high-quality materials such as deer suede, elk leather, deerskin, peccary or lamb in factories in Italy and Hungary. The leather comes from remote regions such as the forests of Canada, Lapland or the endless countryside of New Zealand.

In glove production, traditional techniques have been used for centuries, guaranteeing a handmade unique item. For example, Thomas Riemer celebrates the knotted seam, which has always required a high level of craftsmanship.

The machines that are necessary for these techniques are not produced anymore, which requires a careful handling of the traditional equipment in the manufactory.

You will notice the elaborate handwork with each glove, which is full of details. It is not surprising that a seamstress creates only three pairs of gloves a day!

Each individual piece of leather is cut by hand, after which the individual stitch must fit perfectly.

It is not for nothing that the Thomas Riemer gloves stand as a symbol of Viennese design as well as an example of high-quality craftsmanship of Austria.

Already since 1875, these small pieces of art have been produced in the Vienna workshop, which Thomas Riemer now leads in the fifth generation. It is the oldest glover in Vienna and thus a relic from the imperial era.

You feel this passion for the production of leather gloves in each individual piece!

Leather Men's Gloves

As in many cases, it is the love and passion for the craft itself that enables a product far away from mass production.

With a Thomas Riemer leather men's glove, this passion is expressed not only in the production, but begins with the choice of the right materials.

Only then can the handmade leather mens gloves fulfill its demands for natural materials.

No other leather glove manufacturer allows you to have such a wide range of leather options.

Convince yourself of the silky haptic of an elk leather, which with its airy material enables a luxurious appearance - perfect with a Cesare Attolini cashmere coat or a Donegal tweed jacket by Orazio Luciano!

But maybe it should rather be e a glove made of classic deerskin, which is considered the absolute master of glove leather. This is mainly characterized by the typical irregularities in the structure and tells of the life of the deer in the forests of Canada.

No matter what kind of leather you finally decide on, you will receive a pure natural product, which is a true unique because of the slight deviation in structure and color.