The Bespoke Dudes – EYEWEAR

The Bespoke Dudes – EYEWEAR

The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear

Fabio Attanasio is the founder of the famous Italian blog The Bespoke Dudes, who has made it his task to report about the skills of the Italian craftsmen and especially about the Bespoke Tailoring. By this action, the idea arose to start this project of sunglasses with his partner Andrea Viganò. It combines the symbol of Italian fashion accessory with the craftsmanship and thus carries the great "facto a Mano in Italia" out into the world.

The glasses are made exclusively from Italian materials. Frames made of very lightweight acetate, often screwed hinges and artfully lenses. Craftsmanship based on the factory work of the 30s.

With the collection of "The Bespoke Eyewear Dudes", the founder of the blog "The Bespoke Dudes" Attanasio Fabio, has created a selected collection of sunglasses and wearing glasses. These are manufactured by a small specialized eyewear manufactory.

Michael Jondral proudly counts to the few globally selected dealers.