Turms Shoe Care

The company Turms is located in the Italian Montegranaro. Since its founding in 1962, Turm manufactures extraordinary shoe care kits and accessories. The true connoisseur of quality shoes certainly appreciated the company. For him, shoe care has its own raison d'etre - for some gentleman it is even a philosophy itself.

Run by owner Samuele Chiu Chiu, Turm pursues the philosophy of creating unique products in the field of shoe accessories & shoe care.

That is how the  gentleman finds a great selection of high quality shoe care kits, brushes and nourishing creams. But also fully equipped shoe care closets and shoe shine kits for travels, enable an unprecedented shoe care experience.

These are offered only in a small range, which emphasizes the high quality of each product.

High Quality Shoe Care

The products of Turm stand for luxurious shoe care. Because each of your handmade unique pieces by Saint Crispin’s, Santoni Limited Edition, Edward Green or Carmina deserves the best of the best.
Because good shoe care guarantees a long lasting joy with your extraordinary favorite footwear.

The Right Shoe Care

For each leather type there is not only the right shoe polish, but also of course the appropriate polishing and shoe care brushes.

Ordinary smooth leather shoes can e.g. be cleaned with a normal shoe polish by Turms in the color of the shoe leather. The shoe polish by Turms is made of handmade natural beeswax in Italy and guarantees a high quality & reflective polish for your personal favorite shoes.
Exotic leather shoes, such as Crocodile or Cordovan leather shoes, require a special shoe polish - you should be extra careful.
For suede shoes, however, you will be most effective with a shoe shampoo or in less difficult cases a suede brush. For maintaining your suede shoes you can use the Turms suede spray.
In addition to the shoe shine kits, shoe care boxes, shoe shelves, as well as brushes, creams, Turms offers shoehorns made of real horn. Of course, the accessories and utensils are made entirely by hand.
With Turms your shoe care becomes its own philosophy - some gentlemen even claim to go through a catharsis while doing some shoe care. Try it - polish away your everyday stress.
By the way, the owner Samuele regularly comes to Hanover to demonstrate the art of shoe care.