Simonnot Godard Pocket Square

The house Simonnot Godard stands for making the world's finest pocket squares and handkerchiefs. In his studio in the French Caullery, in northern France, small works of art made of the finest hand-woven cotton fabrics are being produced for more than 200 years. Offered products are: pocket squares, handkerchiefs and more recently leather belt.

A family business which is now run by Benjamin Simonnot and his wife, was founded in 1787 by Monsieur Beaurain int he Palais quarter of Paris. After Monsier Beaurain retired in 1830, the company was acquired by Auguste Godard and the story of Simonnot Godard began. By now, Simonnot Godard is one of the oldest manufactories for pocket squares and handkerchiefs for the men of the world.

A handkerchief from the finest cotton is an absolute must-have for every gentleman. The manufacturer differentiates very clearly - that is why you cannot only purchase classic pocket squares, but also handkerchiefs. A true gentleman knows the benefits to carry a handkerchief with him. Classically, this is held in the inner breast pocket and brought to light in matching moments. The ladies will thank you for sure.
Represented in the best shops of Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, we, at Michael Jondral, are very glad to belong to the chosen few. The fabrics for the finest handkerchiefs in the world are woven with old hand-operated wooden looms.

Simmonot Godard Online

The handkerchiefs of Simonnot Godard excel with their unique weaving technique and the hand-rolled edges. The fabrics for the finest handkerchiefs and pocket squares in the world are woven on old hand-operated wooden looms. The precious fabrics are then washed in the sources of the Vosges mountains. This results in unique handmade fabrics made of cotton & linen. No other pocket square of handkerchief manufacturer uses such production methods.

In subsequent stages, the edges are then hand-rolled with a step seam by hand. The results are seamless unique pocket squares for your "Barchetta" breast pocket.
These fit not only your sport coat or suit, but also in the breast pocket of a cashmere coat. So you can easily wear a special highlight of sartorial elegance. Despite the pure craftsmanship, the Simonnot Godard handkerchiefs distinguishes by an attractive price, which other great designers such as Tom Ford or Brioni can not offer.