Luxury Pullover

In certain moments, also a gentleman likes to cuddle himself into a warm and soft cashmere pullover. That is how Cesare Attollini or Orazio Luciano suits got recently replaced by the much more casual piece of clothing. For some situations simply indispensable!

The haberdasher Michael Jondral offers pullovers and cardigans that satisfy even the highest demands in his online shop.

Explore the knitwear by Fedeli, Cesare Attollini and Settefili. Finest Super Merino wool, Superfino or finest cashmere are waiting to be used in your leisure time.
Enjoy incomparable relaxing moments dressed inn the softest yarn. Inspire and be inspired by this special garments.

Finest Knitwear

In our online shop you will find knitting items that were personally selected by Michael Jondral. These includs pullovers and cardigans from the production of the best weavers and manufacturers of Italy.

No compromises are made and these luxurious classics are decisive for the offered knitwear collections.
It is not for nothing that cashmere is appreciated all over the world as a unique yarn thanks to its unmatched softness and luxurious feeling. The material does not only offer warmth on cold days, but also offers an unmatched softness and comfort.

One Yarn - Many Versions

A special feature of high-quality cashmere is also the suitability for cooler summer days. That is how a cashmere V-neck is not only the perfect companion in winter but also in summer. Try it out.

To date, high-quality cashmere is obtained by combing the underfur of the famous cashmere goat. During this process, only the finest hairs are carefully sorted by hand - resulting in the unmatched softness of the yarn. This is a time consuming and laborious process.
It is this complex production that turns cashmere into a truly special natural fiber, from which the exceptional knitwear collections are created.
Generally as a rough guide you can say that the more threads are used in the actual yarn, the warmer the knitted product is. It is therefore clear that for warmer months especially fine yarns are knitted with larger needles. The natural cashmere fiber promotes the actual temperature exchange. Whereas in knitwear for winter months, the opposite is practiced in production.
If you are looking for a companion for the whole year, we recommend to grab a Two-Ply Yarn pullover. These are made of fine mesh, which makes them ideal for summer evenings, but also for cozy winter evenings.

Cashmere V-Neck

In our shop, you will find a variety of different shapes and colors. Thus, a classic V-neck cashmere pullover can be combined particularly well with a shirt.
For example you could choose a shirt by Finamore with a Sergio collar, because most "fixed" collar types are especially highlighted when combined with a V-neck pullover.

For a more formal occasions, you can also combine it with a knitted tie by Drake’s.

Cashmere Cardigan

If you want something more dynamic and changeable, then it is recommended to use one of the many cashmere cardigans by Fedeli.

In any situation, whether it is in the office to a pair of suit trousers by Rota  or in your leisure time with an E. Marinella  pair of jeans, cardigans always make good impression.
Also with cardigans, particularly knitted ties can be perfectly combined or you can pair them with a suit on colder days, in order to complete the "sartorial layering" look.