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Mackintosh Raincoat

The history of the Macintosh coat goes back to the year 1823. Mr. Charles Mackintosh invented a waterproof fabric that was smart enough to be also worn in the city. No one at that time knew how pioneering the invention of the water-repellent material would be. To date, the name Mackintosh is synonymous for raincoats and trench coats -  outdoor clothing for the man of the world.

Nevertheless, an original stays an original. So if you want to buy a genuine outdoor raincoat, then you should do this only under the original label. Incidentally, over time the Mackintosh spelling has prevailed itself against the older Macintosh version (If you're wondering). Not only the Japanese customers are crazy about it.

Due to the special nature of the jacket, only a small number is manufactured per year. These can be purchased in only selected stores worldwide and luckily Michael Jondral belongs to one of these stores. Incidentally, there are 12,500 single copies of different coats & jackets each year.

Rubber Raincoat

A Scottish manufactory with wonderful duffle coats, pea coats and the famous raincoat (which was also produced for Hermès Paris). Pieces that are all unique in terms of functionality. Not for nothing, it is the raincoat that is the perfect solution to successfully start in to wintery seasons.

The material developed by Macintosh has two layers of cotton fabric which are impregnated by a waterproof rubber textile paint.

That is how different layers of fabric become a waterproof material and thus ending in the perfect clothing. Moreover, the trench coat "Duncan" is the most famous Mackintosh coat.

The advantages of the jacket & outerwear are however obvious:

  • Waterproofed fabric
  • Insulating heat layer
  • Elegant and simultaneously practical
  • Handmade in Scotland and exclusively by handcraft
  • Extreme ruggedness
  • Timeless design
Of course, the use of waterproof fabric is not limited to jackets, trench coats, or the like.
The producer from England also manufactures warm and especially weatherproof jackets in all possible variations.

These pieces convince by their timeless elegance as well as all the other items of the Overcoat Collection.

More Than Just a Coat

The jackets, raincoats and other pieces of the collection always convince by a comfortable cut, which is responsible for a comfortable fit. The cut can safely be regarded as modern. Some models provide additional features, such as fine goose down for comfortably warm feelings, even in freezing temperatures.

Additionally, the modern models do not only rely on the classic Macintosh cotton, but also on materials by Loro Piana and other well-known suppliers. That is how, for example, the Loro Piana Storm System is in a perfect symbiosis with the coat, while all models are just as water repellent as the other coats and also remain as weatherproof.

With each season, Michael Jondral offers a small but fine selection of coats, trench coats & jackets by the legendary Scottish manufacturer.