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Bontoni Shoes

In the famous Le Marche region of Italy, more precisely in the small town of Montegranaro, one of the most exclusive shoe factories in the world is located.

As with most of our ever-beloved sartorial brands, Bontoni is also a family business that is already run by the third generation!

Here, shoes of superior beauty and quality, always in the effort to highlight the character and the individuality of each shoe, are produced.

It should be noted that Bontoni never produces more than 12 pairs of shoes a day!

So it's probably obvious that a pair of Bontoni shoes is an extraordinary shoe that is characterized by its exclusiveness.

Exclusive Shoes For Gentlemen

The exclusivity of the Bontoni shoe culminates in many different facets, which make each shoe unique.

These include, above all, the 300 manual work steps and the 100 hand-set stitches. Did we mention that the Italian masters let the half-finished shoe "rest" for 25 days before sewing the welt? Bontoni calls the process riposato.

But that's not all: A true Bontoni shines through the extraordinary quality of the leather.

After all, the manufactory specializes in the processing of the best leather fabrics worldwide! For this purpose, the leather is sourced from the most renowned tanneries, after which every inch is carefully checked. Only the highest quality leather is used and the selection of those requires special expertise.

Herein lies the secret of the exclusive look and not only represents the base of the shoe, but also ensures the special character of the product!

For this task, the company has specially trained personnel - because it requires not only a trained eye, but above all long-term knowledge that is passed on from generation to generation.

The customer receives a pair of shoes, which is hard to beat in its uncompromisingness.

Handcrafted and Dyed by Hand

The basis of the shoe is the leather, while the coloring is the most important part in the finishing. We do not need to mention that this step is done exclusively by hand too?

At Bontoni, you get a patina by the factory, which can be taken up with a Rembrandt at any time - whereby the handmade DNA especially surfaces. The color palette of artistic creation is as inexhaustible as the possibilities of coloration itself.

The color palette has a mix of bright and dark shades - hazelnut, chestnut, cocoa, wine red, of course, black, to name a few.

Each pair is dyed completely by hand during the coloring process and requires a three-hour application and polishing. The long-time trained masters use secret processing techniques.

Against the background of the elaborate coloring, it is obvious that no pair of shoes is the same.

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Goodyear Welted Italian Shoes

Without any doubt, the Bontoni shoe deserves the title Italian Shoe. The mix of modern and equally classic elements can be found in hardly any other shoe manufacturer in this price range.

By the way, Bontoni manufactures shoes in different styles. Starting with the classic Goodyear Welted construction, up to Blake Rapid. But especially the refined Norvegese style is particularly worth mentioning. Here you will experience the extraordinary beauty & quality of the Bontoni shoe par excellence - because as with the rest of the work, the Norvegese seams are self-piercing and sewn by hand.

After all, the shoe sole deserves at least as much attention as the rest of shoe production, both from a craftsmanship and an aesthetic point of view.