Casual Shirts

Casual Shirts

Casual Shirts for Men

For the man of the world, there are undoubtedly many "Wardrobe Basics", which are considered classic and universal outerwear. The sports shirt is certainly one of the most versatile. In modern language also known under the term "casual shirt". The casual shirt is rather to be seen as a reduction to the leisure area. It's a true all-rounder.

Think of Alain Delon as Monsieur Ripley in "Purple Noon", of the wide beaches of the French Riviera, of the nonchalance and of extensive strolling at the promenade or of a ride with Steve McQueen on a Husqvarna 405. With what, if not in a casual shirt?

One rule for sports and casual shirts: less is more, because shirt does not necessarily mean shirt. Of course, your personal taste must not be limited. Your own personal touch can determined through your choice colors, fabrics and collars.

Casual shirts, as the name implies, shine with a certain nonchalance, which is achieved due to the used materials and seams. Often the materials are coarsely woven and the seams are distinguished by soft edges. This creates a certain laid back look that can not be achieved with a business shirt.

The shirts in our online shop, by sartorial manufactories such as Finamore or Cesare Atollini, not only convince by an excellent fit, but are also comfortable to wear and especially handmade with sartorial details. With Finamore shirts, this includes for example the by hand inserted shoulder, for an even better fit of the sleeve. This flatters the shoulders and so the shirt quickly becomes a favorite piece. Of course, for the production of the sports shirt only high quality cotton in various designs is used. This is not only responsible for an excellent wearing comfort, but ensures the longevity of your sports shirt.

Popular luxury sports shirts manufacturers that we are offering in the shop: 

  • Finamore
  • Cesare Attolini

Ideally, casual shirts made of cotton can be combined with a sports jacket and chinos or even a pair of linen trousers. A modern combination with a pair of Jeans will of course also be fine could well be considered as a further wardrobe basic for men. After all, jeans have been presentable for some time now.

Casual Shirts in our Online Shop

As with any other sartorial garment, the fit of a sport shirt is absolutely mandatory.

If you, for example, search for a casual shirt with extra long sleeves or a very slim fit piece, please contact me. A personal consultation is of course included for our online shoppers! I can advise you on the selection of materials and in particular on the right fit.

We can then work together to ensure that you purchase the right product at the store.