Albert Thurston

Albert Thurston

Albert Thurston Braces

In a rapidly changing world of fashion it is all the more gratifying that gentlemen can still rely on some special & exclusive accessories from the past.
Haberdasher Michael Jondral is happy to own the privilege to offer accessories by the traditional manufactory of Albert Thurston. Since its founding in 1820, Albert Thurston is the oldest manufacturer of suspenders worldwide and enjoys a spectacular and exclusive reputation with its customers.
The brand has always enjoyed a powerful and equally illustrious clientele. Starting with movie stars like Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street or Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale, to politicians, writers, presidents and even princes and kings, Albert Thurston enjoys an excellent reputation.
The brand has not only modernized itself since the 80s, but obtained new world fame by Michael Douglas in his role as Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street. Who was once called a Yuppie and hip, was wearing Albert Thurston. Gekko's monologue with the motto "greed is good", did not gain a place in history of film for nothing. Before there was Wall Street, the last well-dressed protagonist was probably Cary Grant and in To Catch a Thief.

Suspenders and Tie

Whether buttoned with leather straps or with clip made of silver steel - the suspenders are also an important component for today's gentleman. Typical of the models by Albert Thurston are the rubber elastic straps on the back, as well as a mandatory Y-shape of the suspenders. Of course you can adjust the braces in length - optional are buttons or clip-ons.

To this day, the loops and trimmings that come along in a virtually indestructible, but supple leather are made by hand. Of course, the fact that the silver-colored clips, which optionally come as a supplement, are polished with a soft cloth until the gentleman may reflect himself in them is mandatory. 

The manufactory of Albert Thurston produces with the help of high quality fabrics and beautiful colors, unique pieces, which the gentleman to this day on, adds to his custom-made suits or his welted shoes. 

"Not for every day, but it's getting more and more. Whether with a suit or a pair of chinos, it is always a welcome change" - says Michael Jondral.