Francesco Maglia

Francesco Maglia

Francesco Maglia Umbrella

Francesco Maglia represents one of the last artisanal umbrella manufacturers in the world. His umbrellas are created entirely by hand. About 70 steps are required until such a masterpiece is completed.

Mr. Maglia represents this wonderful - founded in 1854 - family business in its fifth generation and produces exclusively in the family factory in Milan.

In his Milan workshop, umbrellas are created for many different world-famous brands, which are merchandised under their own names. Among these brands are: Hermès, Prada, Tom Ford or even the famous London umbrella factory J. Smith & Sons.

Michael Jondral knows and appreciates Francesco for many years and counts him to one of the last gentleman in today's times. What does a gentleman need, to not stand in the rain? A hand-made umbrella!

A Gentleman Umbrella

The umbrellas of the master unite not only quality & function. They rather exude a unique, individual charm. You will never hesitate to take an umbrella with you, as this gentleman accessory will complete your best outfit and provide an additional portion of sophistication and "Sprezzatura".

With this unique accessory you can always stroll through the streets, no matter how rainy it is. You invest in a convincing quality product that you own many years, if not generations. Mr. Maglia still owns the umbrellas which his great-grandfather created.

Pocket Umbrella & Travel Umbrella

Whether equipped with a wooden handle or leather handle, the linear design with classical accents always underlines the originating materials.

Despite the long standing tradition, Francesco Maglia manufactures functional umbrellas. You do not only get quality pocket umbrellas made of high-quality water-repellent twill, but also travel umbrellas that can disassemble themselves in no time and can be easily packed in your baggage.

On the one hand, a true gentleman certainly does not want to stand in the rain and on the other hand does not want to rely on the advertising umbrellas of the hotels. The travel umbrellas by Mr Maglia are well equipped for this task, because of the removable wooden handle, and the removable wooden top, you can easily pack the umbrella in any baggage.