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The sportswear manufactory Moorer was founded in 2006 by Moreno Facincani. Tricky details, high quality and high-quality materials characterize the brand.

The jackets, parkas, quilted jackets and waistcoats not only convince with their high-quality appearance, but above all with an unmatched functionality. You will hardly find anything better for cold or rainy days.

The family-run business from the Veneto region was discovered by Mr. Michael Jondral three years ago while at a colleague’s store - the marvelous men's shop Milord in Florence.

Moorer combines high-quality materials, such as a satin stretch or waterproofed tech flanell with a detailed interior finish. Fabrics, closures, filling and buttons are selected and processed with great care. Here, nothing is left to chance. You see this passion as a customer immediately!

Especially the processing of high-quality cashmere or wool in the top jacket models - such as the jacket "Zayn" - are very popular with customers.

"In this winter season the Moorer jackets convince mainly through the use of Siberian goose down. There is nothing better "- says Michael Jondral.

Moorer divides available models into different heat categories. For example, you can get the model "Zayn" marked "A-C". These stand for a different thermal insulation. The category "A" is the lightest model / outdoor clothing by the manufacturer. With this you are perfectly dressed for the beginning of fall and / or spring. While category "C" stands for the arctic winter. With this, the filling from Siberian goose down put their ability to the test.

For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that all available fillings of the down jackets are certified according to international regulations.

Leisure Time Jackets

Come and enjoy the high-quality processing, combined with the proven sartorial style of a "Made in Italy" product. The Moorer down jackets are an integral part of every sportswear men's wardrobe.

Especially in the cold season, you will appreciate the warming jackets & parkas. But not only against the cold you can arm yourself with a Moorer sportswear piece, but also against the unyielding nordic rain or wind.

On many models, the processed upper material is water repellent, which makes the jackets & parkas a perfect companion for all weather conditions. Against the wind, you are protected with the help of small functional details such as drawstrings. These not only protect against wind penetration, but also allow you to customize the shape individually.

Besides the high-quality goose down, which give you warmth in every situation, wonderful details provide the extra portion of sartorial warmth. These include especially removable real fur collars, stylish closures or stand-up collars with tie & pin buckle!

The leather applications, which are processed on the collar and the pockets, ensure the last sartorial touch.

Moorer Verona

Whether you opt for one of the suede down jacket models or a classic down jacket made of techflanell, all jackets will bring you a great pleasure in daily use.

Combine leisure jackets with a highlighting Fedeli cashmere sweaters and E. Marinella jeans.

Perfect for your winter holiday or a cold winter day in the city, combined with a pair of Saint Crispins booties and the casual jeans look could not look any better.

To the delight of many enthusiastic sartorial customers, many of the jackets have a "Barchetta" for a pocket square by Drake’s or Cesare Attolini! If you are in love with details, you will be received with open arms.

The leisure jackets and down coats are not only convincing with their high-quality workmanship, which complies with the rigorous standards of Moorer Verona. Also worth mentioning are the practical and elaborate functional elements of the outerwear & quilts collection.

The inner life provides a perfect & protected storage space for the accessories & little things a gentleman has to carry with him in everyday life. If this is not enough, you can use the flap pockets on the outside.

Also the perfect cut with rib knit cuffs on some models or the soft stand-up collar with fur provides an increased wearing comfort.