Jackets (Outerwear)

Jackets (Outerwear)

Exclusive Jackets & Coats

Up until the present day, there are key elements and "must haves" that every true gentleman should have in his wardrobe. Certainly these archetypes are characterized by Hollywood stars like Cary Grant or Steve McQueen, as well as other important men such as John D. Rockefeller or Giovanni Agnelli.

Can you imagine a Cary Grant without an elegant sartorial gentlemen coat? What would a Alain Delon or Humphrey Bogart without a trench coat in beige? Firstly, they would be confronted with immediate coldness and wetness!

But even at nicer weather days, these men would only be half as good dressed - as a fitting coat contributes to the completion of the own outfits in the same way as a pair of Saint Crispin’s shoes or Finamore shirt.

In our northern hemispheres a gentleman cannot live without warming outerwear anyway. Whether outdoor jackets, trench coats or classic men's winter jackets - Michael Jondral offers an exclusive selection of high-quality sartorial outdoor clothing.

Neapolitan Coats

Especially popular are the Neapolitan coats and pea coats, but the trench, the MACK (slang for Mackintosh) and the exquisite luxury leather jackets by Fedeli may not be missing.

Some of the sartorial coats or pea coats have refined handmade details such as the back strap, which is referred to as "Martingalla", or cocktail cuffs as you have already seen on Gordon Gekko in Wall Street.
In the Michael Jondral Online Shop any gentleman will find something suitable to his character, and thus the matching counterpart with his outerwear.

Sartorial Clothing

The days are getting cooler, the temperature drops - sometimes joined by rain. It is time for a new and heat-donating luxury outerwear companion.

Perfect with its cut and in its workmanship, the sartorial masterpieces from Naples by Cesare Attolini or Orazio Luciano offer not only heat, but flatter the masculine silhouette with elegant & flowing forms.

It is hard to get any classier than a coat made of cashmere or fine wool by Fox Brothers. The luxury men coats are a manifestation of Neapolitan craftsmanship in their final cut and fit, as well as in their appearance.

Here you can purchase a piece of sartorial history, as well as a piece of clothing which is timeless and equally stylish. With a sartorial men coat made of wool or cashmere you are prepared for every activity in almost every season.

Pea Coats for Men

With the versatility of a men coat, there are also occasions or seasons where it does not appear to be a suitable companion. In these cases you can reach for a classic pea coat, or the famous trench coat. In both pieces the functionality is of course absolutely not discussible, since these two jackets are the perfect companion for rainy autumn days.

With exclusive manufacturers like Sealup which rely on a careful manufacturing in the best quality, the garments will last for a lifetime. Moreover, they convince by handmade details such as hand-stitched quilting seams, as well as easy handling.
Convince yourself of the variety of men's jackets in our online shop - whether for business or for leisure.

Exklusive Jackets for Your Leisure Time

Far from the sartorial business wardrobe, you can also expect casual jackets or popular waxed jackets and sporty short coats or field jackets for a sartorial outdoor appearance. 

What Steve McQueen was able to do in his cotton jacket on the bike, you can also do in a jacket by Sealup or Cesare Attolini. A white T-shirt underneath, blue jeans by E. Marinella and you can get started. The exclusive leisure jackets invite you to take part in less formal events or adventures.