Men's Waistcoat

As a classic piece of clothes, the men's waistcoat belongs in every wardrobe of a cosmopolitan gentleman.

Like many other classics, the classic men's waistcoat has been forgotten and often does not get the attention it deserves. But it is precisely this fact that makes it so interesting, because this is a figure flattering and consistently masculine piece of garment.

Men's waistcoats are a real eye-catcher that perfectly rounds off any outfit. Also, the men's waistcoat has a certain symbolic power which ensures a quiet and stylish appearance and adds an elegant component to every outfit!

Whether for the office, for festive occasions or in the field of outdoor and leisure activities - the possibilities for waistcoats are endless.

But especially in the sartorial world, the waistcoat experiences its great revival - without ever really being abstinent.

As an international online haberdasher, we offer an interesting selection of men's waistcoats, which you can combine wonderfully with matching jackets, suit trousers or Chinos and jeans.

The spectrum ranges from exclusive cardigans made of Scottish cashmere to classically cut double-breasted waistcoats made of the finest Shetland wool tweed.

Waistcoats for Suits

The classic among the waistcoats is undoubtedly the suit waistcoat.

Not so long ago, every gentleman wearing a suit without a waistcoat would have felt incomplete. The waistcoat was simply an integral part of every suit ensemble!

The reason for this is to be found in the past epochs and the concomitant habits - that is why, among other things, sport jackets and pocket watches were part of one’s daily routine.

The waistcoat was the perfect complement not only to hide the shirt and suspenders, but it also offered the matching bags to accommodate a pocket watch in it.

As the then popular pocket watch started to get replaced by the wristwatch, the men's waistcoat was more and more forgotten.

All the more, it is pleasing that the waistcoat is experiencing its renaissance! Style-conscious gentlemen like Steve McQueen - memorable in the Thomas Crown affair - knew it long ago: the three-piece suit is anything but a dusty relic from previous decades!

Cleverly combined, the waistcoat with suit ensures a slim appearance as well as an upright and straight posture. The bottom button remains traditionally open - always!

Of course, the front part of the waistcoat of a classic three-piece men's suit is made of the same material as the suit itself and the back part is made of silk. Also, it is equipped with adjustable buckles, so that the fit of the suit waistcoat can be changed.

A three-piece suit made of trousers, a jacket and a waistcoat is a must-have for the sartorial world, and every gentleman should have one in his closet!

Down Waistcoat

The men's waistcoat is not only the perfect companion for an elegant look. Rather, a down waistcoat with a "thick" turtleneck sweater can also be perfect for in-between the seasons.

Because of the lightness and the accompanying freedom of movement, the down waistcoat is very popular among many men.

It warms and ensures good air circulation. The figure-emphasizing features of the suit waistcoat are just as effective with the down waistcoat. A great down waistcoat can be perfect for a walk with your dog in the country, but at the same time also for strolling through the big city!

Combined to a pair of chinos by Rota or to another men's trousers from the leisure area, it can be worn perfectly.

This makes the down waistcoat an ideal alternative to the jacket and is ideal for sports activities and leisure purposes in autumn and winter.

Choose from our curated selection the waistcoat that you like best!