Carthusia Perfume

In a world full of synthetic fashion perfumes, Carthusia Capri exudes a very special charm. Its origin is certainly found in the history of the factory on the island of Capri.

Although the factory of Carthusia was founded in 1948, the enchanting fragrances did not leave the island until 2002. Until then, the perfume was only available on Capri. But eventually the time came for the gentleman among all scents to step into the wider public.

Many years ago Michael Jondral discovered the small perfume factory on that very island, right next to the Augustus Gardens. That is also where the story of the famous perfumes from Italy begins. All ingredients for the production come exclusively from the island. Perfect workmanship with pure natural content. That is how timeless fragrances are created that are still lovingly filled by hand.

"A fragrance and a manufactory which fit perfectly into the sartorial world of handmade suits and shirts - beautiful, noble and elegant" - Michael Jondral about Carthusia.

History of Carthusia

As history tells it, around the 14th century the Prior Certosa di San Giacomo delivered a bouquet, which was assembled from the most magnificent flowers of the island in honor of the visit of the Queen of Naples, Joanna I. of Anjou.

After a few days and by accident, it was found that the water in which the flowers were arranged in honor of the Queen of Naples, had adopted a special and unique floral aroma. As legend has it on, the monastery alchemist created the first perfume of Capri precisely according to this model - its title: "Garofilium Silvestre Caprese".

As of 1948, the old formula was rediscovered by the Prior of the Charterhouse, which he presented with the permission of the Holy Father his chemist from Piedmont and who then started the actual work in the laboratory, which he christened Carthusia. In that laboratory, the scents of Capri are still created up till now. It is an almost magical place that impresses not only by the richness of flavors, but appeals to all senses.

Despite the rich history, the perfume factory enjoys an important place in today's zeitgeist. It is about timeless creations, which survive the duration of the time with ease. This is probably due to the exclusivity of this venerable manufactory - only small quantities of exclusive fragrances are produced annually.

Carthusia Capri

Anyone who has been to Capri, knows that the fragrances are just as incomparable as the actual fragrance of Capri!

Up until this day, the same traditional production methods for producing the perfumes are used. All products are created exclusively from high-quality raw materials.

The formulas of the Middle Ages have since revised by Laura Tonatto, a known Parfumeurein from Piedmont.

Whoever costs the scents, will realize how beautiful, elegant and equally precious these creations are. Just like a handmade unique piece by Finamore or Cesare Attolini, these scents embody a touch of exclusivity, which equally affect all the senses.