Swimming trunks

Swimming trunks

Designer Swimming Trunks

A true gentleman should of course not only be dressed dapper and immaculately for business or social occasions. Certain activities, such as strolling on the beach promenade of the French Riviera or at the Dubai Marina, as well as cozily relaxing at the pool at the Grand Hotel, ask a lot from a modern man's wardrobe.

You can say that a designer swimming trunk for sartoriale summer days is more or less indispensable and requires the attention of a gentleman. No matter where you are in the world, if you want to hop in the cool water on a hot summer day, then the designer swimming trunk is an essential piece of clothing.

In haberdasher Michael Jondral's online shop, there is an exclusive selection of different & stylish swimwear available. They convince as much as every other sartorial garment by an exquisite & flawless craftsmanship, but also by their different patterns and colors. From paisley pattern, to bright colors - you can always make a good impression on the beach and in every hotel pool.

Swimming Trunks for Men

Michael Jondral offers swimwear from e.g. the Italian fashion label Fedeli , which has been active since 1934 and persuades through flawless workmanship and a perfect selection of materials

In many bright colors and patterns, the swimwear ensures a perfect summery appearance and guarantees an elegant and casual appearance in the pool or on the beach. Therefore you can relax well dressed on land and in water, enjoying the rays of sunshine and heat.

The personally selected swimming trunks are extremely lightweight and quick-drying fabric is used, which allows not only a perfect fit, but due to  the fast drying process, an extra dose of comfort is given. Further details, including two side pockets and one back pocket are mandatory and may not be missed for enhanced comfort.

Swimwear for Men

Anyone interested in swimwear for gentlemen, will be as spoiled for choice, as with other garments. Whether cut, color or pattern - men's swimwear comes in many versions. Above all, however, men's swimwear should allow sunbathing, swimming and of course sports. No matter where and how it takes place.

Against this background, the most important feature is the choice of materials. That is why a functional swimsuit should not only allow a firm and comfortable fit, but also contribute to its comfort by a quickly drying material.

Combine your swimming trunks with a white cotton T-shirt as Steve McQueen has done it, or with a pair of sunglasses from the Bespoke Dudes  and ready is your summer look for the beach and pool.

Always pay attention to a good fit with your swimwear. The swimsuit for a true gentleman should always be kept formfittign and feature a shorter and tighter-fitting leg.

This contributes directly to an athletic shape and silhouette. Swimwear for men is perfectly suitable for leisure activities - you can swim, dive or even play table tennis in them without looking US Beachboy-like. In our opinion, swimming trunks are the intrinsic and functional companion for every fan of leisure activities.