Risky Business

Home alone?

If you're reading this, you're probably working from home and that's a good thing - #flattenthecurve.

Certainly, the pandemic brings moments of emotional uncertainty with it for everyone involved. Perhaps you often catch yourself thinking that dressing up in such a time could be a senseless or even irresponsible expression of decadence.

One may even see a parallel to the Roman patricians who gave themselves extensive banquets during the fall of the Roman Empire. Some may feel so depressed that the desire to put on an outfit or even “look presentable” has completely disappeared.

There's nothing wrong with doing a little eccentric dance in your own four walls like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, but we also think it's time to find the presidential qualities in yourself:

Calmness, prudence, a sense of responsibility for yourself and your fellow human beings.

So get dressed and think of Heinrich von Kleist: 

“A free, thinking person does not stop where coincidence pushes him; or if he stays, he stays for reasons of choice of the better."

We have the choice of the better and what you can do against the Monday blues in your cozy home we reveal below.

From head to toe

The ritual of dressing best begins with personal hygiene.

This way you will feel like new born even before you get dressed. 

And for this case there is nothing better than the products from the renowned Milanese barber Antica Barbieria Cola 1904. We call it: The SPA for true gentlemen.

The products offer the ideal introduction to a very special type of wet shave that you have never experienced before - unless you have already personally visited the famous Milanese barbers.


Usually, this type of wet shaving, which is associated with great personal pleasure, can only be experienced in Milan. But with this set you can bring a piece of it home and incorporate it into your daily shaving routine.

Under Control

Karl Lagerfeld once said: "Those who wear jogging pants have lost control of their lives ..."

Therefore we show you some better alternatives. 

Above all, the long-sleeved polo shirt is your best companion these days. Not too formal, easy to care for and durable in wear. 

Think of Gordon Gekko in the Hamptons negotiating Anacott Steel - we just say: "blue horseshoe loves Anacott Steel..."


A special highlight of the season are the specimens we have cured from master tailor Antonio Liverano from Florence or the JFK polos from G. Inglese. 

The latter in particular ensure the presidential Hamptons feeling in your home! 

Many sartorial details such as hand-embroidered buttonholes, hand-inserted sleeves and wonderful cotton quality complete the comfortable fit. 

Round off the look perfectly with trousers from Rota. For the particularly important days in the home office, we naturally recommend the sartorial trousers by Cesare Attolini!

No pasta left?

If you do have to venture outside, it's best to put on a sports jacket from Orazio Luciano or Cesare Attolini. 

With our Coherence coats, you form a perfect sartorial symbiosis together with the polo shirts. 

And yes, if you still need pasta - we happen to have the best pasta available...

"Pastificio Setaro", in its third generation, is the only manufacturer that has retained the artisanal production of pasta in Torre Annunziata, the ancient capital of "White Art". The pasta is made exclusively from selected durum wheat semolina and own spring water. The unique method of slow air drying preserves the high nutritional value and the incomparable flavor of Setaro products.

Perhaps its a good time to work on your home cooking skills and to try it!


Post Scriptum

Finally, a few nice words from Mr. Ferrarotti - an emeritus professor and the father of Italian sociology:

"I believe that when the crisis is over, we will see an enormous return of joie de vivre and a desire to rebuild. Similar to the end of the war, there will be an incredible explosion of joie de vivre across Europe. This will be a fundamental, positive experience of life, get through the crisis together. For Europe and, I would say, for all of humanity. " 

In this sense: stay healthy, take care of yourself and your fellow human beings and above all stay strong in the spirit!

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