Finamore x Saint Crispin’s @Michael Jondral

Trunkshow, the First! 

On this weekend, on March 17th and 18th, we will start the annual Trunkshow Season.

Not only Philipp Car from Saint Crispin's will be in the house, but also Andrea Finamore!

These two men are the perfect duo behind the best shoes in the world, as well as behind the finest shirt from our beloved Napoli! Both products being processed in the purest manual way - that goes without saying.

Saint Crispin’s Shoes

In the manufactory of Saint Crispin's, 22 highly qualified craftsmen create almost 1500 pairs of shoes a year. These unique shoes are only available in selected shops in New York, Toronto, Honk Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Milan - and of course in Hanover!

Owner Phillip Car is waiting for you with a wide selection of leathers and various lasts, which can perfectly be adapted to your foot. Personal initials and metal toe caps complete the extensive equipment list.

Saint Crispin' Shoes

Finamore Shirts

The shirt by Finamore is not only completely sewn by hand, but traditionally made of the finest fabrics. It is not for nothing that the sartorial men's shirt by Finamore is considered a secret tip among gentlemen worldwide.

Find a personal favorite from the fabric assortment of Finamore or access the most exclusive fabric collection of all fabric collections: the one by Carlo Riva!

You are cordially invited to your private appointment, to the individual procedure of taking measurements or simply to a chat among friends.

We are looking forward to your request at or 0511/1697700.

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