Fall / Winter 2019 - Landowning Aristocracy meets the Urban Gentleman!

Discreet yet discerning

“Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress.” - Karl Lagerfeld

Luxury doesn’t lie in the iridescent glow of diamonds. Nor does it lie in the undertones of excess, grandiosity or ostentation. 

But rather, it lies in comfortable, functional elegance - the kind one associates with the English countryside and thereafter with the prestige of British gentry, where gentlemen are discreet yet discerning in their tastes and so effortlessly exude an air of rugged refinement.


An Air of Rugged Refinement

The point is; luxury is effortless. It is tasteful and understated. It bestows upon its custodians intellect and elegance. 

It affords comfort and style without compromising on either. It is rugged yet refined, strong yet sophisticated. 

This is the essence of the fall/winter 19/20 collection - curated in a refined palette of earthy browns, burgundies, greens and greys that are redolent of the English countryside, and born out of the ateliers of Italian craftsmen extraordinaires, Cesare Attolini, Orazio Luciano, Fedeli and E. Marinella.


From the english Countryside to Gstaad or Jackson Hole

Layered ensembles of heavy gauge knitwear, tailored corduroy trousers, checked shirts and expertly crafted leather boots, replete with cashmere scarves and beanies embody this concept of rugged refinement - perfect for the discerning gentleman who spends his winters on the slopes of Gstaad, Switzerland or at Jackson Hole with other Tech-Billionaires.


Outfits of checked brown sports coats cut from Fox Brothers flannel, knitted polos from Fedeli and tailored trousers in light grey flannel are perfect as one revisits the romance of the Italian Renaissance in Florence in January.

Just as those outfits featuring field jackets cut from thick corduroy - offset against jeans, a cream coloured rollneck, suede shoes and accessorised with a matching scarf - speak to the styles and beauty one associates with the English countryside.

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