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The Best Tailors in the World

After the trunk show is before the trunk show! Not only Gianluca Migliarotti knows the best tailors at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, which he immortalized in his documentary "O'Mast". Nowadays, the job of a true tailor becomes generally very rare, but they can also still be found occasionally in the far north of the Republic. More precisely, at haberdasher Michael Jondral.

That said, you can also find Cesare Attolini at the annual trunk show.

What started with the idea of an unlined jacket of grandfather Vincenzo Attolini, resulted in one of the most prestigious tailorings in the world. The original idea of the transformation of the unlined jacket, made of heavy English fabrics which is still loved today - was to make it seem "lighter". The results can be seen in the "Giacca Mappina" or "Giacca alla camicia" which are now originated entirely in the contemporary philosophy of Cesare Attolini.

In the late 60s, father Cesare created the manufacturing concept for Kiton, where each tailor gave his personal best.

Specifically, this means that one tailor is solely responsible for collars, the next tailors works with the sleeves and next one only with buttonholes, etc..

With this idea, the Sartoria Attolini, known as a factory-tailoring, was born out of the small retail tailoring of the grandfather. Meanwhile, the company enjoys great reputation under the present name Cesare Attolini and undoubtedly belongs to the No.1 il mondo !!!

Cesare Attolini Made To Measure

Sartorial Suit

A gentleman understands that hardly an object is more personal than a suit, as it unconditionally follows a person's own anatomy and does not forgive mistakes during the manufacturing process.

Since the fault tolerance is next to zero, a real gentleman tailors his suit directly on his body - even Harry Hart from Kingsman knew that!

So it is not surprising that hardly anyone knows his customers as accurate as a tailor does.

If the sartorial suit fits perfectly, it is not only a sign of good taste, but the expression of one's personality. It remains to mention that you, as well as your silhouette, represent themselves perfectly thanks to your suit.

This circumstance was also known to Hollywood legends such as Clark Gable, or well-known Italian actors such as Marcello Mastroianni!

Cesare Attolini Fabric

But why is it that Cesare Attolini belongs to No1 il mondo in matters of sartorial suits?

Because it is the only and final product, which is made entirely by hand. "Completely" also means completely in this case. So it takes up to 40 hours from the cut to the final ironing process. You could say that the money is well spent, compared to industrial luxury brands like Brunello Cuccinelli, Kiton, Brioni, etc.

Since not only the cut, the seams and the inner lining is made by hand, but also things like buttonholes or attaching the lapel, Cesare Attolini remains the only operating tailor with absolute perfect reputation in terms of technical execution worldwide! Who does not want to belong to this group of customers?

That is how you get much more than just a suit or a sports coat with Attolini. Rather, you are practically directly part of a large family and become personal friends of the Attolini family.

In order to understand this special world a little bit better, the 4 principles of Cesare Attolini's corporate philosophy should be mentioned:

No.1: Quality, quality, quality

No.2: „With the feets on the ground - Massimiliano Attolini“

No.3: Understatement

No.4: Timeless Elegance - which turned into their image

Custom-Made Suits

The custom-made suit - which our customers can customize at the annual Attolini trunk show - is characterized mainly by soft shoulders, high armholes and incredible cushiness. "Particularly the high armhole, as well as the balance of the jackets are a groundbreaking" - says Michael Jondral about Cesare Attolini.

Whoever slips into a Attolini jacket or suit for the first time, will certainly be surprised. It already starts with trying on the sample: such a level of comfort & lightness is hard to reach and might only be achieved to the same degree in a beautifully soft Fedeli cashmere pullover. Incredibile!

Unfortunately, there is no way back from this point on. The popular saying "Better is the enemy of good" becomes absolutely true. Whoever buys or orders Attolini, will never buy something else again. Promised!

Cesare Attolini Measurement

Balance of Each Jacket

Jacket Balance? Have you ever asked yourself if the jacket's proportions "fit"?

And we do not mean the shoulders or the arm length, but rather nagging questions like: Are the bags properly set in relation to the button? How high should the "Barchetta" sit? How broad should the lapel be?

Questions and more questions, which Massimiliano Attolini can answer in no time thanks to his practiced eye. With him, the customer feels like royalty in the studio of an artist of the Renaissance, who just calculated the golden cut of his latest work of art.

The jacket's balance is a question for the "eye". For a truly balanced jacket, details such as the closing button, (center of the jackets), lapel width, jacket length, etc. should all be in a harmonizing composition.

Everything combines, is part of a "correct" balance. Not antiquated and too long, not fashionably exaggerated and ridiculous short! An almost artistic act, which arises from the eye of the model creator - you will notice the difference and thank Attolini afterwards. 

Massimiliano Attolini taking carefull measurements

Cesare Attolini Details

Starting with the cut of the suit and sport jackets, through the completely hand-crafted cut, the jacket is already modeled at this point.

At its "birth", it gets an elasticity that reserves a small tolerance of forming for each subsequent step.

This craftsmanship leads to very soft and very finely stitched buttonholes, which are sewn painstakingly - you will notice the difference. A true connoisseur will never accept a machine-made buttonhole as "tutto fatto a mano"! Cesare Attolini Caban Coat 

Even the slightly wider lapels and the Neapolitan 2-roll-3-button - "lapel strappato" - belong unmistakably to the symbols of Cesare Attolini.

The most outstanding feature is probably the Spalla Camicia, a natural and never exaggerating wrinkling. Something that is very important to Attolini against the backdrop of the understatement philosophy.

Because of the precise balancing and the unmistakable heritage, amusing discussions arise when working with Massimiliano. When asked whether or not the lapel of Attolini is a little bit too wide, his answer is very clear: "Excuse me, Sir. We are tailors and do not do fashion!"

In case you wonder why the English fabrics at Attolini are much more popular:

It is basically the motto that Italian fabrics are made for processing by machines. In contrast, British wool has the necessary strength, which is mandatory for the handcrafted manufacturing - "tutto fatto a mano" just does not tolerate compromises!

Cesare Attolini Blazer

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