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Luxury safety razor FEATHER AS-DS made of steel

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FEATHER Luxury razor
Model AS-D2S without stand
The razor is made of stainless steel and is manufactured in uncompromising, top quality and in manual work in Japanese manufacturing precision by the cult manufacturer FEATHER. The balance is exemplary and the shave wonderfully gentle and unsurpassed thorough! The razor has a very hard, matt silver coating that prevents water marks and fingerprints.
The version AS-D2S includes a solid stainless steel stand.
In both variants (AS-D2 / AS-D2S), the razor comes with five razor blades in a beautiful box with red lacquer finish with gold reflections. Only in the version AS-D2S, the massive, heavy stainless steel stand (made of solid material turned truncated cone with hole above) is available in the box. The enclosed information note is in English and Japanese. The box is also ideal for traveling. The supplied FEATHER-FH razor blades are identical to those from our offered 10-dispensers FH-10, which also fit perfectly in the box.
In conjunction with our products by Antica Barbieria Cola and the original FEATHER safety razor, your morning shave takes on a new dimension. The shave for the sartorial gentleman!
  • Modell: AS-D2S
  • Material: steel
  • General length: ca. 10 cm
  • Grasp: ca. 9cm
  • Grasp diameter: ca. 11,3 mm
  • Weight: ca. 90g without blades
  • Weight stand: none (only available with the AS-D2S!)

100% Made in Japan

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